Friday Evening Meet & Greet Reception and Saturday Dinner at the Elyria Country Club (23 and 24 August 2002)

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Esther Bendik Keymer and Joan Dellisanti Reitz Joan Dellisanti Reitz and Jim Reitz
Pat Hall Harrison and Esther Bendik Keymer Judy Hawkins Berry and Willie Junior at the table; Susan Griffith, Dixie Walker Botamer, Joan Dellisanti Reitz, Dale Eager, Larry Boyd in the backgroud
Fred and Marcia Huskinson at the table; Judy Hawkins Berry, Lynn Hoover Delp, and Barbara Capp Evans in the background Kip and Nancy Linge
Kip Linge, Jim Trescott, Leon Taylor Gene and Anita Meili
Zig Palagyi and Dale Eager Lyn Pankoff and Leon Taylor
Pat and Dale Eager George Rubenson and Bert Rosen in the foreground; Charles Spore and Mary Ellen Rose Spore in the background
Leon Taylor and Larry Kime Sandy and Dick Cahl, Belinda Pankoff, Willy Junior
Dale Eager and Lyn Pankoff Frank Radik and Dixie Walker Botamer
Megan Thomas Galajda, Belinda and Lyn Pankoff Standing Dixie Walker Botamer, Gary Neffinger, Gene and Anita Meili
Janice and Cliff Rosenau, Joan Murray Rubenson, Jim Rubenson Joan Dellasanti Reitz, Sylvia Vargo Goeke, and Susan Griffith
Lyna and Belinda Pankoff, Willie Junior Lyn Pankoff and Megan Thomas Galajda
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Jim and Sherryn Trescott, Janice and Cliff Roseneau

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