Sunday at Cascade Park in Elyria, Ohio (25 August 2002)

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Dale Eager and Beth Struck Caister Dixie Walker Botamer, Gene and Anita Meili
John Hasko, Susan Payne Hasko, Dixie Walker Botamer Laura and Bob Roskoski, Sherryn Weiss Trescott and Jim Trescott
Kip Linge and Susan Payne Hasko Carol Prestage Welburn and Francene Olenik Murphy
Leon Taylor, Dick Cahl, Willie Junior, John Andrews, Jerry Gilbert Dixie Walker Botamer, Susan Griffith, Barbara Capp Evans
Pat Hall Harrison, Kip Linge, Beth Struck Caister Dixie Walker Botamer, Jim Rubenson, Alan Botamer
Megan Thomas Galajda, Leon Taylor, Pat Hall Harrison, Willie Junior, Judy Hawkins Berry Lynne Hoover Delp, Dixie Walker Botamer, Sherryn Rae Weiss Trescott
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George Rubenson, Shirley Averbook Leslein, Nancy Rubenson, Willie Junior, Judy Hawkins Berry

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