Friday Evening Meet & Greet Reception Held In Huron, Ohio 4 September 2007

Fun in the 50s

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The early birds at the beginning of meet and greet More early birds
Three in front, unidentified. In the rear at the table, Janet and Bob Hancock; standing, Francene Olinik Murphy (EHS3) Clockwise: Sylvia (in pink) and Clarence Burill, Christine and Carl Neuber, Sylvia Clark and Alexander (back to camera) Clark
Jim Reitz and Megan Thomas Galajda Betty Myers Grimm
Bob Blaner, Larry Kime, Unidentified (EHS7) Betty Myers Grimm, Dixie Walker Botamer, Francine Olenik Murphy
Jim Reitz (green sweater), Jerry Macbeth, Unidentified, Willie Junior, Unidentified (EHS9) Jim Rubenson, George Rubenson, Nancy (Mrs. George) Rubenson
Bob Blaner, Eddie Scrivens (Mr. Carol Rickel), Ed Gembka Dixie Walker Botamer, David Hebebrand
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