Saturday Evening Dinner/Dance Held In Huron, Ohio 5 September 2007

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Clarence Burill, Jim Trescott Jim Trescott, Sherryn Weiss Trescott
Kip Linge, Nancy Wentz Smith Alan Botamer (Mr. Dixie Walker)
Alan Botamer, Ed Gembka, Sylvia Gembka, Bob Hancock (back to camera) Leon Taylor, Sherry Weiss Trescott, Jim Trescott

Barbara Capp Evans, Elena Verdugo (waitress), Clarence Burill

Joan Murray (Mrs. Jim) Rubenson, Lyn Pankoff, George Rubenson
Lyn Pankoff, George Rubenson, Nancy Rubenson, Willie Junior Front: John Cummings, Mary Ellen Rose Spore, Charles Spore
Left Dale Eager, at the further table, Kip Linge (olive suit), Nancy Linge, Jim Reitz (partially hidden), Unidentified

Counterclockwise: Megan Thomas Galajda (tan outfit), Pat Eager (blue hidden) and Dale Eager (partial), Unidentified, Unidentified

Lyn Pankoff (standing), Carolyn Sumpter Ayotte (seated facing the camera) and Willie Junior wearing the hat and standing in the rear Unidentified, Martin Lescher (EHS27)
Dick Cahl, Willie Junior, Zig Palagyi, Unidentified Lyn Pankoff, Laura Roskoski
Sherryn Weiss Trescott, Leon Taylor

Carol and Bob Blaner, Dixie Walker Botamer and Alan Botamer, Clyde Smith and Nancy Wentz Smith, past the Smiths in brown, Jim Reitz and Joan Dellisanti Reitz (hidden)

Dale Eager, Ken Riley, Hilary Clinton Bruce Clark, Betty Lou Olmsted, Ringo Starr, Sylvia Clark
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