Sunday Brunch Held In Huron, Ohio 6 September 2007

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Clockwise: Sylvia Gembka (in white), Ed Gembka, Carol Turnbull, David Turnbull

Janet and Bob Hancock, Roland Weisman
Chris and Carl Neuber, Ken Riley Jim Rubenson, George Rubenson, Nancy (Mrs. George) Rubenson, Joan Murray (Mrs. Jim) Rubenson
Nancy Linge, Dale Eager, Pat Eager, Kip Linge (from behind), way off in the distance in the blue shirt, Larry Boyd Clockwise: Susan Bishop Macbeth (red sweater), Jerry Macbeth (hidden), Betty Lou Olmsted, Sylvia and Alexander Clark, and Barbara Capp Evans,  (with fork in her hand), and Robert Evans (back toward camera)

Jim Schroeder, Maggie Schroeder, Joan Dellisanti Reitz, Jim Reitz (with back to camera). The chef  in the rear is Emeril (Kick it up a notch) Lagasse who came in from New Orleans especially for this occasion.

Laura and Bob Roskoski (notice the tie bearing a DNA double helix, a biochemist's mantra)
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