Elyria High School Class of 1957 50th Reunion Photos September 2007

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Bob Blaner and Carl Neuber

Shirley Averbook Leslein and Jack Leslein
Bob Roskoski, Carole Bowman Cummings, and John Cummings  Alan Botamer and Dixie Walker Botamer
Dick Cahl and Zig Palagyi Unidentified, Carol Prestage Welburn, and Susan Bishop MacBeth
Gayle Heidrich Hall and Kenneth Hall Susan Griffiths
David Hebebrand Larry and Deborah Kime
 Jack Leslein and Shirley Averbook Leslein; background Zig Palagyi and Jim Rubenson (Mr. Joan Murry) Pat Hall Harrison
Gary Schneider Maggie and Jim Schroeder
Jim and Sherryn Rae Weiss Trescott Gatha and Tom Foglyano
Dixie Walker Botamer and Jim Reitz Dellisanti Larry Zaleski and Sylvia Gembka
Bob and Carol Blaner Bob Blaner and Roland Weissman
Carole Bowman Cummings and John Cummings Dale Brown and Pat Hall Harrison
Marye Ann Fullmer Emerson and Ed Gembka Janet Hancock and Betty Lou Olmstead Palmer
Lenny Andrews and Megan Thomas Galajda David Hebebrand, Roland Weisman, Ed Gembka
Jim Trescott and Sherryn Rae Weiss Trescott Dixie Walker Botamer and Willie Junior
Kip and Nancy Linge Roland Weisman and Dick Pozywak
Dixie Walker Botamer, John Andrews, Jim Schroeder, Francene Olenik Murphy Leon Taylor, Zig Palagyi, Mary Lou Olmstead Palmer, Lyn Pankoff, Willie Junior
Linda and Alexander Clark Tom and Gatha Foglyano
Gary Schneider and Carol Prestage Welburn Ed Gembka and Lyn Pankoff
Bob and Janet Hancock Kenneth Hall and Gayle Heidrich Hall
Megan Thomas Galajda and Ed Gembka Carol Prestage Welburn, Audrey Wood, Betty Myers Grimm
 Francen Olenik Murphy, Carol Prestage Welburn, Carol Rickel Scrivens Carol Prestage Welburn
Dale and Judy Brown Ed Gembka and Dixie Walker Botamer
Carol and David Turnbull Bob Hancock, Francene Olenik Murphy, Ed Gembka Back
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