Saturday Evening Reception and Dinner at the Red Tail Golf Club in Avon, Ohio (09/08/2012) 

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Overview of the Red Tail Golf Club Dinning Room Barbara Capp Evans and Robert Evans
Carol and Bob Blaner David and Carol Turnbull
Christine and Carl Neuber Carolyn Sumpter, Rick Belknap
Carol Gerber Czarnecki and Don Czarnecki Gatha and Tom Foglyano
Etta Gilmore, Susan Griffiths Janice Mason Stanko and Wayne Stanko
Ann Vetter and Susan Bishop MacBeth Donna and Larry Boyd
Jerry Hemmelgarn, Marilyn Wehman Hemmelgarn, Cliff Rosenau, Pat Hall Ed Gembka, John Cummings, Sylvia Gembka
Saundra Slauter Lambert, Betty Lou Olmsted, Francene Olenik Murphy, Carol Prestage Welburn Jim and Sue Ann Cummings
Maggie and Jim Schroeder Mary Ellen Rose Spore and Charles Spore
Cliff and Janice Rosenau Nancy Rubenson, Joan Murry (Mrs. James) Rubenson, George Rubenson
James Rubenson, and Nancy (Mrs. George) Rubenson Alan Botamer and Dixie Walker Botamer
Maggie Blakeley and Willie Junior Carol Gerber Czarnecki and Don Czarnecki
John Cummings and Carole Bowman Cummings  Loretta Baranchik Arnold browsing through memorabilia
Pat Hall, Frank Radik Martin Lescher and Betty Madok Lescher
Bob Blaner and Carol Rickel Scrivens  Ed Gembka
Joan Dellisanti Reitz and Jim Reitz Bob Hancock and Susan Bishop MacBeth
Jim and John Cummings Elvis the Pelvis and Carol Prestage Welburn
Roland Weisman and Ed Gembka Carol and David Turnbull
Ed Gembka, Pat Shepherd, John Cummings Jerry Hemmelgarn, Marilyn Wehman Hemmelgarn, Sandy Cahl, Dick Cahl
Martin Lescher and Betty Madok Lescher Pat Hall Harrison and Frank Radik
Carol and Bob Blaner Judy Hawkins Berry
Joan Dellisanti Reitz, Francene Olenik Murphy, Elvis, Carol Prestage Welburn, Mary Lou Olmstead Laura and Bob Roskoski
Jerry Gilbert, Dick Cahl, Willie Junior Saundra Slauter Lambert and Donald Lambert
Richard Pozywak and Loretta Baranchik Arnold Elvis and Betty Lou Olmsted


Created 17 September 2012; updated 1 October 2012