Views of the Grounds of the Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research

Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research in Horse Shoe, NC


Pasha, the BRIMR guard cat and office supervisor, checking a figure. 

A cardinal, the State bird of North Carolina
A white squirrel, indigenous to Western North Carolina A gray squirrel gathering nuts in preparation for winter
Another white squirrel eating a peanut The white squirrel shown on the left in a tree
A chipmunk A raccoon, another BRIMR ground's occupant
A bear A robin
Female and male wild turkeys (notice spur on male above foot) Male and female wild turkeys
A grey-cheeked thrush A Virginia oposom
A white-breasted nuthatch A Carolina wren
A blue jay An eastern bluebird
A female ruby-throated hummingbird (male has the red throat) A grackle
A tufted titmouse A titmouse evaluating peanuts
A titmouse selecting a peanut A tufted titmouse taking flight with a peanut
A chickadee A dove
A female hairy woodpecker at the feeder A male red-bellied woodpecker at the feeder
A pileated woodpecker A female downy woodpecker
A female goldfinch A male goldfinch
A chickadee, red-bellied woodpecker, and cardinal (rear-right) Turkey vultures relaxing in the sun
An eastern towhee A brown thrasher
A duck Another duck
A black swan A female rose-breasted grosbeak
Two neighborhood horses in Horse Shoe, NC A toad
A dark-eyed junco A red-bellied woodpecker
A pine siskin A cardinal

A raven A chickadee moving into BRIMR in the spring-2009
A squirrel in the winter of 2010 A chickadee moving into BRIMR in the spring-2010
A woodchuck A turtle
A squirrel sunning herself A hanging squirrel eating a peanut
Another squirrel sunning herself A rabbit
Male eastern tohee A white squirrel eating sunflower seeds

Two squirrels beneath a double helix

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