Views of the Blue Ridge Mountains from Jump Off Rock in Laurel, North Carolina

Jump Off Rock: According to a 300 year old legend, a young Cherokee chieftain and the woman he loved used to meet here. He was called away to tribal wars. 


Returning warriors brought her news of the chieftain's death. She went to the rock shown above, which lacked the railing at the time, and jumped off into the 100 foot precipice (not visible here).


View from Jump Off Rock. Hebron Mountain (foreground); height, 2960 feet; Pinnacle Mountain (background); height, 3638 feet

Another view from Jump Off Rock. Jeter Mountain; height, 3260 feet

Mount Pisgah (5721 feet) is the tall peak on the right and Cold Mountain (6030 feet) is the peak on the left. Mount Pisgah is closer to the viewer than Cold Mountain accounting for the apparent discrepancy in heights. The view shows the snow remaining from December 2009. 

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Created 15 June 2006 and Updated 15 January 2010