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Ranking Tables of NIH Funding to US Medical Schools in 2008
Direct plus indirect costs including R and D contracts
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Basic Science Department Clinical Science Department Clinical Science Department (cont.)
Anatomy/Cell Biology Anesthesiology Orthopedics
Biochemistry Dermatology Otolaryngology
Genetics Emergency Medicine Pathology
Microbiology Family Medicine Pediatrics
Neuroscience Internal Medicine Physical Medicine
Pharmacology Neurology Psychiatry
Physiology Neurosurgery Public Health
Nutrition Radiology
Obstetrics and Gynecology Surgery
Ophthalmology Urology

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Table 1 Total NIH Awards to all Departments of a Given Discipline Table 2 Total NIH Awards to each Medical School Table 3 Master Template (from which all medical school files were created) 9 Mb
Ranking Tables of NIH funding to Hospitals and Other Health Science Schools are given below. 
Hospitals Schools of Nursing Schools of Public Health
Schools of Dentistry Schools of Pharmacy Schools of Veterinary Medicine

The information contained in the Award files for 2008 was obtained from the Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tool (RePORT) from the National Institutes of Health at http://report.nih.gov/award/trends/AggregateData.cfm. The information on Medical Schools was obtained from the Medical Schools only file. For reasons that are unclear, this file does not contain Mayo Clinic Medical School data, and the overall award to Mayo was obtained from the All Organizations file. The All Organizations file was used to calculate the rankings for all Institutions, Cities, States,  Countries, Principal Investigators, and other Health Sciences Schools. Please report any discrepancies between the Blue Ridge Institute files and the NIH files to Webmaster@brimr.org. The Award Data correspond to the US Government fiscal year. Awards for 2008 correspond to those granted from 1 October 2007-30 September 2008. There is considerable variation on how universities credit awards and how the NIH deals with these variations. For more on such caveats, click here.


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