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Ranking Tables of NIH Funding to US Medical Schools in 2009 

School and Principal Investigator (PI) rankings by Medical School Department
Direct plus indirect costs and R & D contracts but excluding American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Awards; note the relative ranking of 82 of 131 Medical Schools changed by including the R&D contracts (updated 01/01/2012)
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For ranking Tables of NIH Funding to US Medical Schools in 2011, click here.
Basic Science Department Clinical Science Department Clinical Science Department (cont.)
Anatomy/Cell Biology School  PI Anesthesiology School PI  Otolaryngology School PI
Biochemistry School PI Dermatology School PI Pathology School PI
Genetics School PI Emergency Medicine School PI Pediatrics School PI
Microbiology School PI Family Medicine School PI Physical Medicine School PI
Neurosciences School PI Internal Medicine School PI Psychiatry School PI
Pharmacology School PI Neurology School PI Public Health School PI
Physiology School PI Neurosurgery School PI Radiology School PI
Obstetrics and Gynecology School PI  Surgery School PI
Ophthalmology School PI Urology School PI
Orthopedics School PI

Science is not cold and unfeeling. In scientific investigation one becomes emotionally contained in his problem. Head, heart and hand – the three H’s of experimentation – all are involved in creativity in the medical sciences, and the combination enables us to recognize a solvable problem. Charles B. Huggins

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. Thomas Alva Edison 
Attitudes rather than knowledge are conveyed by the distinguished teacher.  Hans A. Krebs
Table 1 Total NIH Awards to all Departments of a Given Discipline Table 2 Total NIH Awards to each Medical School in 2009 Table 3 Master Template (from which all files were created) 6 Mb
Table 4 Top Ten Awards in Each Category Table 5 Medical Schools and Their Depts with updates; this file permits easy comparison of departments within each school. Table 6 Rankings of all Medical School PIs
Table 7 Medical School R&D Contracts Table 8 Ranking of each Medical School from 2014-2001 

The information contained in the Award files for 2009 was obtained from the Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tool (RePORT) from the National Institutes of Health at http://report.nih.gov/award/organizations.cfm. The information on Medical Schools was obtained from the Medical Schools only file. For reasons that are unclear, this file does not contain Mayo Clinic Medical School data, and the overall award to Mayo was also obtained from RePORT. Please report any discrepancies between the Blue Ridge Institute files and the NIH files to Webmaster@brimr.org. The Award Data correspond to the US Government fiscal year. Awards for 2009 correspond to those granted from 1 October 2008-30 September 2009. There is considerable variation on how universities credit awards and how the NIH deals with these variations. For more on such caveats, click here. To obtain the list of ARRA Projects funded in 2009, please visit http://report.nih.gov/recovery.


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