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Ranking Tables of NIH Funding to US Medical Schools in 2016 as compiled by Robert Roskoski Jr.

All medical school files with the exception of physical medicine have been updated (8 April 2017). Also the files for Hospitals and the Schools of Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Heath, and Veterinary Medicine have been revised.


The files include direct plus indirect costs but exclude R & D contracts except for Table 4 (Worldwide) and Tables 8-10. Table 8 (R&D contracts) does not include departments nor do they indicate whether an award is made to a medical school. Therefore the Contract files are stand alone tallies. 


The Worldwide file (Table 4) contains a large number of changes that were made in the original NIH download. These changes were made for consistency. To see the nature of these changes, click here. Table 4 is the master file from which most other files were derived.


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Awards to the UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER refers to the school located in San Antonio, TX

Basic Science Department Clinical Science Department Clinical Science Department (cont.)
Anatomy/Cell Biology School  PI Anesthesiology School PI  Otolaryngology School PI
Biochemistry School PI Dermatology School PI Pathology School PI
Genetics School PI Emergency Medicine School PI Pediatrics School PI
Microbiology School PI Family Medicine School PI Physical Medicine School PI
Neurosciences School PI Internal Medicine School PI Psychiatry School PI
Pharmacology School PI Neurology School PI Public Health School PI
Physiology School PI Neurosurgery School PI Radiology School PI
Obstetrics and Gynecology School PI  Surgery School PI
Ophthalmology School PI Urology School PI
Orthopedics School PI

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Table 1 Total NIH Awards to all Departments of a Given Discipline  Table 2 Total NIH Awards to each Medical School in 2016 including Percentage of Direct and Indirect Costs. The number of grants (Grant no.) and the number of investigators (PI no.) at each medical school are also listed; this information was tabulated by Marie Choi at the University of Southern California.  Table 3 Medical Schools Only File 10 Mb; the comprehensive file for all US Medical Schools receiving NIH funds


Table 4 Worldwide 19 Mb. This lists all NIH Awards in 2016. Every table on this page, except the 2001-2012 rankings, was derived entirely from this file.  Table 5 Medical Schools and Their Depts; this file permits easy comparison of departments within each school. By selecting cells B2 through AV140 and using the sort function, one can generate the rankings for every department including those not posted on this page.  Table 6 List of each Medical School, Dept, PI, and Total Award
Table 7 List of All Institutions Receiving NIH Funds, Their Subdivisions, Depts, PIs, and Total Awards Table 8 R&D Comprehensive Contract file Table 9 PI Ranking for Contracts only
Table 10 Ranking of All Institutions including Contracts. Medical Schools are not usually split out from the parent institution Table 11 Rank of Each School of Medicine from 2014-2001
Table 12  Ranking by State Table 13  Per Capita Ranking by State Table 14  Ranking of State Population
Ranking Tables of NIH funding to Hospitals and Other Health Science Schools for 2016
Schools of Dentistry Hospitals Schools of Veterinary Medicine
Schools of Nursing Schools of Public Health Schools of Pharmacy

Ranking by/Data on

Institution All Principal Investigators Worldwide Department, Medical School, PI
City List of NIH MERIT awardees; NIH MERIT grant data Top Ten Awards in Each Category  


     The data in the 2016 Award files was obtained from the Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tool (RePORT) from the National Institutes of Health.  All of The Medical School data on this page was obtained from the Medical Schools Only (Table 3 above) file. The Medical Schools Only file was derived from the Worldwide File (Table 4 above) downloaded from the NIH. The current Worldwide and Medical Schools only file contains more than 750 corrections. The files most likely contain errors that will require corrections in later iterations.  
     Although Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN) and the NIH do not classify this organization as a Medical School, it has admitted about 50 Medical Students annually since 1972 and BRIMR classifies it as a Medical School. The overall award to Mayo ($220,898,188) used in the School of Medicine rankings was obtained from the NIH Worldwide file. This file (Table 4) was used to calculate the rankings for All Institutions and the other Health Science Schools given above. The NIH files specify a single Principal Investigator (PI) so that a grant to multiple PI's and co-PIs cannot be credited to multiple departments. Click here to go to an NIH site for additional information. 
     Please report any discrepancies between the Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research files and the NIH files to Webmaster@brimr.org. The Award Data correspond to the US Government fiscal year. Awards for 2016 correspond to those granted from 1 October 2015-30 September 2016. There is considerable variation on how universities credit awards and how the NIH deals with these variations. For more on such caveats, click here. To obtain the list of ARRA funded projects, please visit http://report.nih.gov/recovery.


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