Bangkok, Thailand

Travelers in the Royal Orchid Hotel in Bangkok Thailand; this hotel was recommended by a member of the WBBM radio/TV mobile unit of Chicago; the photo on the right was taken in the atrium of the hotel

View of the Chao Phraya River from the hotel

View of the hotel from the river

Old Portuguese Embassy next to the Royal Orchid Hotel. Note that Bangkok contains luxury areas as well as rundown areas. 

Bangkok skyline seen from the Royal Orchid Hotel in the direction opposite from the Chao Phraya River. 

Riverboat transportation from the hotel to the Bangkok Skytrain; in Chicago we would call the Skytain an El, or an Elevated train.

A view of the Saphan Taksin Skytrain Station on a Saturday morning

Saturday morning at Chatuchak Weekend Market; it's estimated that 250,000 people go to this market every weekend.

A traveler at the Chatuchak Weekend Market
A traveler at the Skytrain map A Skytrain security guard
A traveler at the Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market. In both China and Thailand, the writing on tee-shirts is always in English and not the native language.

When you see a McDonald's, KFC, Starbucks, and Dairy Queen, you know that you're in Bangkok

The Siam Paragon Mall is one of the most popular in Bangkok. Their food court covers thousands of square feet. They sell various fruit juices under the brand name of Enzyme, shown here. As the biochemist Arthur Kornberg remarked, he never met an enzyme that he didn't like. He would have liked these. 

The Paragon Mall food court sells oysters (large). Their cost ($4 a piece) is somewhat more expensive that those in New Orleans or in Hendersonville, NC.

At the National Museum of Bangkok

The stone above is inscribed with the earliest known example of Thai script.

Inside the National Museum
Inside one of the galleries of the National Museum Inside the Royal Funeral Chariots Gallery
Inside one of the galleries Inside the Royal Funeral Chariots Gallery

The Dvaravati Wheel of Law, 8th century, in the National Museum

On the grounds of the Grand Palace

Coca Cola, the universal beverage, shown on the building under construction near the Sathorn Pier in Bangkok.

Beer, another universal beverage. This premium Thai beer (20 oz.) costs the equivalent of $2.50; it's more than beer on the Asheville Tourists thirsty Thursday, but less that that on a regular night at the Asheville ballpark.

The travelers had a nice visit from Bonnie Chermprapai, a Thai native who was a colleague of Laura's at the University of Iowa School of Nursing from 1973-1978. She brought us some Thai fruit shown in the basket.

The travelers with Bonnie.

The travelers riding on the Chao Phraya Express; this river boat runs between the Sathorn Pier and the Phra Athit Pier on the Chao Phraya River.

The River City Shopping Center. This center is adjacent to the Royal Orchid Hotel and an edge of the hotel is observed on the right.

Faculty of the School of Nursing and hospital complex seen from the river.

A temple. There seem to be as many temples in Bangkok as there are churches in Hendersonville. The next three photos show other temples.

More views of temples from the River

Laura choosing a beer from the Siam Paragon Mall after spending a rigorous day touring.

A traveler working on this photo journal

Another traveler at the rear of the hotel waiting for the river taxi for transport to the Skytrain

Construction along the river; the boy at the bottom right handing off a bucket of concrete doesn't look 15 years of age.

Taking time for a treat and a break from the rigors of shopping at the Centralworld Shopping Complex

The shopping malls in Bangkok are huge with a large selection of everything. For example, one floor contained separate computer stores for Viao, Lenovo, Acer, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, and others. We've never seen such a selection of computers in the US under one roof..

View of the Siam Paragon Shopping Mall. In the US, Siam is pronounced sigh am; in Thailand (Siam) it's pronounced see am. 

A pre-rush hour traffic jam. Traffic in Bangkok is notorious for going nowhere. Drivers sit trapped in a sea of vehicles. The cars on the right are stationary. 

Street vendors 1/2 block from the Royal Orchid Hotel

Mini-taxis adjacent to the Royal Orchid Hotel; there is a white tour bus on the left.

A police boat on the river near the hotel

In Bangkok as in Shanghai or Hendersonville, NC nearly everone is facile at texting.

The travelers waiting for Vietnam Airline Flight 600 from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok Thailand to Tan Son Nhat Airport in Ho Chi Minh City (aka Saigon) Vietnam on Thursday 21 June 2012. It's still Wednesday 20 June 2012 in the US. 


Created 17 June 2012; updated 21 June 2012

Robert Roskoski Jr. Laura Roskoski