Hawaii, the First Stop

Travelers in front of their hotel This US Military Cemetery is the final resting place of 16 Medal of Honor Recipients and Erny Pyle, the WW II military correspondent  
Note headstone flush with the ground above date in photo View of Diamond Head Mt. from  the National Cemetery in Honolulu
View of Waikiki Beach from the Prince Kuhio Hotel View of the hotel from Waikiki Beach
This turtle is about 3.5 ft tall Mother duck with her offspring
A zebra, a traveler, and a giraffe Two lions
Two lemurs in the background and a traveler There are at least four beer/ liquor/wine stores on every block near Waikiki Beach
Beach entertainment Honolulu Airport, on our way to Shanghai
View of Waikiki Beach from Korean Air Flight 54

Created 7 June 2012; updated 11 June 2012

Robert Roskoski Jr. Laura Roskoski