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Travels of Bob and Laura Roskoski in the Summer of 2012

5 June 2012 - 30 July 2012

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(1) Honolulu, Hawaii USA (5-9 June 2012) (2) Shanghai, China (10-15 June 2012) (3) Bangkok, Thailand (16-21 June 2012)
At the Zoo  In People's Park with a student At the hotel with a former colleague
(4) Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (21- 26 June 2012) (5) Sydney, Australia (27 June-2 July 2012) (6)  Beijing, China (2-8 July 2012)
At a restaurant In the Royal Botanic Garden sitting on Mrs. Macquarie's chair At the Great Wall of China
(7) Rome, Italy (8-15 July 2012) (8) Paris, France (15-23 July 2012) (9) Madrid, Spain (23-30 July 2012)
At the Roman Forum In the Tuilieres Garden  At the Queen Sofia Museum
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Created 28 July 2012; updated 29 August 2012

Robert Roskoski Jr and Laura Roskoski