Shanghai, China

Mansion Hotel, Shanghai, China

The Mansion Hotel in Shanghai was recommended to the travelers by a member of the WBBM radio/TV mobile unit (Chicago)

A traveler at work preparing this photo document; this hotel was built in 1932 and owned by former mob boss Huang Jinrong (probably explains the Chicago connection noted previously).

After serving as the Shanghai Municipal Transportation Bureau, it was transformed into a hotel in 2007.

Antiques of one form or another are in the lobby (above) and in the rooms. 

At breakfast in the Mansion Hotel Traffic in front of the Mansion Hotel; motor cycles, bicycles, and cars

You can tell you're in Shanghai because of Starbucks, McDonalds, 7-Eleven, etc. 

A traveler at the entrance of Xiangyang Park, adjacent to the Mansion Hotel. 

Tai chi in Xiangyang Park in the morning Tai chi (part II)
Tai chi (part III) The gardens in People's Park of Shanghai
Travelers practicing Mandarin with a student in People's Park Museum of Contemporary Art located in People's Park
A statue and a traveler in People's Park

That $0.75 buys 20 oz. of premium Chinese beer in Shanghai tops the Asheville Tourists (Class A baseball) thirsty Thursday's beer night 

Outside of the Shanghai Cultural Center

At a subway stop. The subways are cleaner, quieter, and more modern than those of New York City, but they can be just as crowded. 

Statue of Chen Yi (first mayor of Shanghai in 1949) and a traveler The Pudong skyline; note the Oriental Pearl TV Tower in the center. 

Shanghai World Financial Center Building; 101 Story, 1614 ft. tall, the third tallest building in the world (after the Dubai Tower and the Taipei Tower). It resembles a standing bottle opener. 

To the right of the Shanghai WFCB is Jinmao Tower; it is 88 stories and 1379 ft. tall. It is the ninth tallest building in the world. The sphere on the right is at the base of the TV Tower.

Preparing for a cruise on the Huangpu River. About a third of all of China's imports and exports pass through this river making Shanghai one of the busiest ports in the world.

On a Huangpu River Cruise

There are thousands of little shops in Shanghai such as the Miko store pictured above. This one sells women's fashions. 

Enjoying a Mai Tai at a local watering hole Eating like a native
A traveler outside of the Shanghai Exhibition Center Two street merchants selling their wares
Travelers near the Yu Gardens and Bazaar Near the old city; Shanghai World Financial Center Building in far background
Window shopping in the Yu Bazaar Near the Yu Bazaar; note TV Tower in background
Ready to board Chinese Eastern Flight 541 to Bangkok

Created 12 June 2012; updated 17 June 2012

Robert Roskoski Jr. Laura Roskoski