Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research
Robert Roskoski Jr. MD/ PhD
President and Scientific Director
Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research  What is cancer research? It is fundamental science...It is not
3754 Brevard Road, Suite 116, Box 19   necessary to have cancer cells on one’s hands to advance  
Horse Shoe, NC 28742  the cure of cancer. Cancer research is basic science   
honestly done with simplicity and elegance and proof .

Charles B. Huggins

Phone: (828) 891-5637 Scientific research consists in seeing what everyone else has 
FAX: (828) 890-8130 seen, but thinking what no one else has thought.
Albert Szent-Györgyi

Listed in Who's Who in America (1982-2017) and Who's Who in the World (2005-2017).

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Updated 03/31/2017