Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research
Abdollah Sadeghi-Nejad, MD
Board of Directors of the Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research
Mailing address:  Clinical medicine would be child's play if the clinical picture
Department of Pediatrics resulting from a particular etiologic agent were always 
Tufts-New England Medical Center identical. Learning clinical medicine is largely learning how 
750 Washington Street to cope with variability in clinical expression. 
Boston, MA 02111 Victor A. McKusick
e-mail: Clinical medicine presents immense fields of scientific 
Phone: (617) 636-5335  research, and those who cultivate them have the added 
satisfaction of knowing that every advance of medical science 
will, sooner or later, bring in its train some forward movement 
of the healing art. Archibald Garrod

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Updated 2 December 2012