University of Chicago Medical Class of 1964 Reunion (5 June 2009)

Clark Anderson George Rhyneer Robert Zelis Barry Levine John Lamb Sr. Robert Costarella Gerry Shaikun Edward Brody Nicholas Lenn George Plazak Peter Gillette
  Robert Roskoski Anne Elizabeth Maxwell Seiden Dean Joseph Ceithaml Abdollah Sadeghi-Nejad Mary Ann Csontos Roloff

Clark Anderson                     Joseph Ceithaml
Robert Roskoski Gerald Shaikun Nicholas Lenn Abdollah Sadeghi-Nejad

Peter Gillette                Anne Elizabeth Maxwell Seiden Robert Roskoski                 Laura Roskoski

        Anne Elizabeth Maxwell Seiden                 George Plazak

Carole Anderson                            Clark Anderson
John Lamb Sr. Linda Lamb Lydia Stock Edward Brody
Laurie Smith                    Gerald Shaikun 
Dietrich Roloff Mary Ann Csontos Roloff Barry Levine
Pamela Costarella                                 Robert Costarella
Robert Roskoski Abdollah Sadeghi-Nejad  George Rhyneer
Robert Costarella                                    Marion Marquardt  
Gail Zelis                                          Robert Zelis Peter Gillette                    Robert Zelis
Robert Costarella                                       Carole Anderson
George Rhyneer Joeseph Ceithaml Mrs. Ceithaml George Plazak Erika Plazak
Gerald Shaikun                          John Lamb Sr.  George Plazak                                         Erika Plazak
Marilyn McKay                                  George Rhyneer Mary Ann Csontos Roloff                                   Barry Levine
Robert Roskoski  Laura Roskoski Marilyn McKay Marion Marquardt Abdollah Sadeghi-Nejad George Rhyneer
  Lydia Stock                          Edward Brody
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Of note, Joseph B. Kirsner reached 100 years of age on 21 September 2009. He attended the reunion festivities. 

On forgetfulness

Peter Mitchell received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1978) for his contribution to the understanding of biological energy transfer through the formulation of the chemiosmotic theory. Some 10 years after the divorce from his first wife, Eileen, Mitchell attended the wedding of their daughter, and he noticed a woman who looked familiar. He asked whether he knew her, and she replied "Yes, I was your first wife." Mitchell was keenly aware of his forgetfulness; he even coined the expression "forgetory", which is the opposite of memory.

Absentmindedness on a grand scale

Nevill Mott was a distinguished theoretical physicist best remembered for his contributions to solid-state physics for which he received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1977. Mott was traveling on the Paddington to Bristol train when three thoughts occurred to him. First, he was no longer at the physics department in Bristol but Cavendish professor at Cambridge. Second, he had traveled to London earlier that day by car. And third, he had been accompanied by his wife.

Someday Louisiana is going to get good government, and they ain't gonna like it. – Earl K. Long

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Updated 30 September 2009